STS Young Endeavour has arrived at Abell Point Marina

STS Young Endeavour has arrived at Abell Point Marina

Come on down to admire this beautiful piece of Australian history while it is berthed for a few days.

STS Young Endeavour is the Bicentenary gift given by Great Britain to the people of Australia in 1988. Each year the ship sails the Australian coast, providing challenging adventures at sea to young Australians aged 16-23. During each voyage these youth crew learn the skills to sail a square-rigged tall ship – setting the sails, taking the helm, navigating using the ship’s charts, helping the cook in the galley, and climbing to the top of the 30 metre mast. Once they have learned the skills to sail the ship, each youth crew takes command of Young Endeavour for 24 hours, setting a course along the Australian coast. The youth development program delivered during each voyage aims to empower young Australians, increasing self-awareness, developing teamwork and leadership skills, and creating a strong sense of community responsibility amongst participants.

Five Queenslanders will be amongst the crew sailing the ship into Airlie Beach in May 2014.

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