Whitsunday Jetski Tours ‘Once in a lifetime’ experience

Whitsunday Jetski Tours ‘Once in a lifetime’ experience

Whitsunday Jetski Tours and their guests were treated to a ‘Once in a lifetime’ experience last Friday on their Two Island Safari jetski tour enroute to Daydream Island.

Tour guides Ian Wilson and Levi Shapendonk, had spotted a whale about 1km away and decided to have the guests shut down the jetski engines and enjoy the spectacle from afar, within 10 minutes the whale was 60m from them, by this time our guests were just so excited to think the whale had come so close to them, within 5 minutes the young male surfaced metres from the jetskis.

‘We had our tour group, grouped quite close together and the whale moved from ski to ski for over an hour giving us a show! He was so inquisitive and just didn’t want to leave us alone.’ Said Ian.

Ian has worked with whale populations in different parts of the world, including Tonga where guests often dive and swim with humpbacks and has been in the Whitsundays working on the water for over 6 years.

‘At all times I was aware of the protection of these amazing creatures, and respectful of the rules, it’s fantastic that they’re so inquisitive and trusting of us, treating these encounters carefully will surely see many more wonderful interactions during the season. I’ve never experienced anything like this encounter before, it was magical and will go down as one of the highlights of my life on the water’


Single jetski with whale just behind ski – Whitsunday Jetski tour guest Travis Poland from Mackay was definitely ‘up close and personal’ with our friendly humpback whale.

Two jetskis with male taking photo of whale – ‘Say Cheese’ Whitsunday Jetski Tour guide Ian Wilson taking photos of his amazing experience.

Multiple tour guests  –  Whitsunday Jetski Tours guests enjoyed the rare experience with this young male humpback whale.


Cherie Morel

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