Multihull Motor/Sail from Darwin


We couldn't have been happier with how easy it was to enter and tie up on arrival. All staff were prompt with response, friendly, efficient and very helpful in all aspects. The marina office was conveniently located close to our berth and the staff were extremely helpful and efficient in all respects. The courtesy pack included all information we needed to find the amenities and other facilities and services around Airlie Beach. The amenities are among the best we've come across on our passage from Darwin - superior to most and on a par with Cairns Marlin Marina which are rated very highly among boating people. Can't fault the customer service in any way. There was a sense that everyone loved their jobs and that feeling flowed through to the clients. Abell Point Marina is an excellent facility and we will certainly be back to stay whenever we can. Airlie Beach is one of our favourite ports on the Australian coast and, with a great marina and access to the town's excellent facilities and services, it would be an ideal place to base a boat for sailing around the Whitsundays.
Thank you for making our brief stay so pleasant!

Game Fishing vessel from Mackay


Great improvement on previous stays
love the reno.. very helpful staff, explained exactly what I needed to do during check-in.

Multihull Motor/Sail from Gold Coast


Staff are very friendly, pleasant and extremely helpful. Convenience of amenities is excellent.

Yacht Motor/ Sail from Townsville


Place has improved under new management, and facilities are excellent. Well Done. We will be back.

SICYC member from Batemans Bay
It has the friendliest and most efficient staff we have ever come across in a Marina. Everyone says it just has a food feel about the place.


We first came through the beautiful Whitsundays and Airlie Beach 31 years ago when the whole foreshore was MUD but we spent a fabulous 3 months in the area before continuing on and arriving 4 years later in Royal Hong Kong Yacht club. We moved ashore there to put our 11 yr old daughter into school & moved ashore to work. Over the years we have cruised more than half the world selling & buying other yacht, so we have been into many Marina.

Since those days Airlie Beach has come of age especially with the addition of Paul Darrouzets Abell Point Marina. As Abell Point was the major sponsor of SICYC, Shaggers, we were given excellent discounts, which enabled us and many other members numerous visits to the Marina. We have been cruising the Whitsundays for nearly 3 months now and have berthed in the Marina on 4 different occasions. The 1st being met by an Abell Point staff and given one of their excellent folders. A first, this had never happened before at any other Marina. The facilities are excellent, the staff well trained and extremely friendly. With the addition of the deck on Sorrentos and the excellent Barcelonas we have rated Abell Point Marina as the number 1 Marina we have ever been into.

Motor/ Sail Yacht from Yamba
It was great to be greeted with a friendly face (thanks Matt) and an offer of any assistance needed.


The welcome pack answered all or questions - thanks for including a map. Fuelling was very reasonable compared to our home marina (but its fuel price is crazy). The ease of getting fuel and the price meant that we didn't even consider our normal Jerry juggling from the service station. Thanks. Amenities are clean and adequate in quantity.

We don't often stay at marinas and if we do come in it would usually be for 1 or 2 nights for a quick stock up, refuel, rewater and wash. We had thought that Abell Point was very expensive (older magazine articles) so had intended coming in just for one night. Then we found out that our Shaggers membership gave us some nights at a reduced rate so we decided to come in for longer stay to get a few little jobs done. We stayed 5 nights in the end and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We did spend a lot more money than we intended but it wasn't only marina fees. We bought up in the chandlery, ate and drank at Sorrentos and the cafe as well as the obvious costs of restocking and refuelling. Every cent was worth it because we felt welcomed by your staff and also got to meet a range of cruising folk. We'll be back.

Motor/ Sail Yacht from New Zealand
All staff were excellent at all times.


Great clean facilities. A very excellent well run Marina. We will definitely return.
Please thank all staff on our behalf for their friendly, cheerful attitude.

Multihull Motor/Sail vessel from Port Stephens
Excellent staff prompt and efficient.


It's great to have staff available to take lines. That was difficult to organise years ago under different ownership. The welcome folder is comprehensive and very useful. The information provided over the phone about local services is excellent (I needed a dentist). My only whinge is that the P and other docks are a long way from marina utilities. I much prefer Docks A to E.

Staff are now positive and morale is high, unlike in times past under other management, when morale was low and staff were grumpy. It' wonderful to be able to get a discount on most things via being a member of SICYC. Thanks. In the service area, you are giving Hammo a really good run for their money and on price you are far ahead.

Multihull Motor/Sail from Akuna Bay
The staff are always very helpful.


Staff have always tried to accommodate us even in the very busy times.
We are very impressed with the new renovations and the facilities for "boaties" are terrific.

Fuelling is a great process, as you know exactly when you can go in, there is no waiting around and payment process is quick and easy.
My husband's comment: "they are the best on the east coast"