Tenant News: Industry collaborate to bring clean-technology to Abell Point Marina.

Tenant News: Industry collaborate to bring clean-technology to Abell Point Marina.

An industry collaboration trialing a new electric outboard product, sees bareboat company Charter Yachts Australia and mechanical services provider All Marine Services work together to bring a new product to the region. The first of its kind to be used commercially in the Whitsundays, these two businesses based at Abell Point Marina felt there was a gap in the market to introduce this type of clean-energy product to the commercial charter world.

The Torqueedo electric outboard paves a new way in environmentally friendly marina products. These high-performance motors are easily rechargeable and require only a 12V power supply. They are light weight, quiet whilst underway and totally eliminate the requirement for outboard fuel. Developed with a unique, custom-made lithium battery supply, these batteries maintain a high current, they do not lose their charging capacity and they supply power reliably even in cold weather conditions. Developed in Germany, the Torqueedo is described as ‘’clean, powerful, leading-edge technology’’. No fuel, no sound, lightweight and powerful are how Torqueedo are selling this innovative new product.

Pending the results of the trial, Charter Yachts Australia owners Annie Judd and Jon Mol advise they intend on introducing the model throughout their bareboat charter fleet. “Eco-tourism is a huge part of our business. We were the first charter business to become Eco-Tourism accredited and we will be the first charter business to introduce environmentally friendly outboards to their fleet. Providing our customers with an environmentally-friendly outboard alternative for their charter will further cement our commitment and focus on protection of the marina environment in which we are lucky enough to operate.’’

Available for purchase through All Marine Services, North Marina Village.

Joscelyn O'Keefe


  1. dave cleghorn Says: October 5, 2016 at 5:36 am

    we congratulate Annie and Jon for assisting in preserving the natural environment of the Whitsundays by introducing the clean technology outboard to their bareboat charter fleet we are sure it will be welcomed kind regards Dave and Beth Cleghorn

    • Joscelyn O'Keefe Says: October 5, 2016 at 11:25 pm

      Thank you for taking the time to leave you comments for the team at CYA. It is a great initiative and we fully support the use of clean-technology throughout the marine industry and in particular in our marina.

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