Progressive Cruise Lunch showcases the best of the Whitsundays!

As part of the Whitsunday Clipper Race Carnival, the Whitsunday Foodservice Progressive Lunch took place on Sunday 21 January.

Starting the day at Hemingway’s with oysters and bubbles, the guests then boarded a cruising catamaran at Abell Point Marina to Paradise Cove in Woodwark Bay.

Here they were treated with mojitos and a BBQ lunch buffet. Many chose to swim in the pool whilst others took the time to explore this incredibly private resort.

Last stop of the day was Cape Gloucester Resort, who provided a dessert and cheese table.

As the sun set on another Whitsunday afternoon, the guests of the Whitsunday Foodservice Progressive Lunch were awarded with a classic Whitsunday sunset moment!


Joscelyn O'Keefe

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