Marina recovery update 07.04.2017

Marina recovery update 07.04.2017

The team at Abell Point have made quite a few developments this week as we progress towards our goal of achieving full operations. We have included below updates under the main operations centres across the marina.

On Land Village Power
– Power has now been restored to both the North and South Villages with both private amenities operational with hot water.
– Most shops are now open including – All Marine, Laundry, Whitsunday Escape, Charter Yachts Australia, Cumberland Charter Yachts, Queensland Yacht Charters, Aquadive, Ocean Rafting, Kiosk (coffee today, full operational Sunday), Airlie Adventure Centre, Airlie Marine Electrics, AB Marine, Quadrant Marina, Bohemain Raw & Sorrentos (from this evening).

On water Power
– On water power has now been restored to B,C,D,E and L and O-Z arms. It is expected that full power will be restored to arms M – N arms in the foreseeable future.

– Diesel and Premium Unleaded services are now available from the fuel wharf.

Pontoon Repairs
– There is a large amount of pontoon repairs that will be addressed over the next 2 – 3 months. We will have a team commencing from next week working on fixing corner brackets, hinges, pile guides and re-welding fingers where they have failed. This will be a process of working through the most damaged to the least which means it may be up to 3 months to have some damaged fingers repaired. We are confident we have been able to secure safely most fingers in the marina, however if you have a concern about the finger you are on or any other, please let us know so we can aware the repair team of these.

Commercial Ops South
– Due to a number of arms that have been damaged beyond repair in the North marina, there will be a requirement over the next 3 – 4 months to have commercial operators berthed in various locations in the South Marina. Whilst this may mean a bit more action with customers going to and from their vessels, they are aware and respectful of the private nature of the south marina and will be operating with professionalism over this period.

Boat Works
– R Marine Crawley currently have RMC Support staff onsite, specialising in Damage Assessment, Electrical Engineer & Mechanical Assessment. They will be utilising local trades where possible that maintain our high level of quality and have on standby Shipwrights, Marine Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Trimmers and other repairers.
– If you require an assessment, repair work or ongoing vessel management talk to the team at R marine Crawley – 07 5529 5007

If you have any further queries, please call the office on 07 4946 2400 or

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