Dredging to recommence following school holidays

Dredging to recommence following school holidays

Due to the overwhelming number of boats we have received into the marina this season and which will continue into the upcoming school holidays, the dredging project has been placed on hold to minimise the impact over the busy period.

However following the busy school holiday period the dredging team will be back on deck from the start of October to recommence a full time schedule targeting high areas across the marina as the priority.  With the full moons and super low tides over the past month we have experienced some tide access challenges with race week vessels and larger super yachts manoeuvring around the marina.  The dredging program will totally eliminate this challenge in the future and it is expected that all the problem areas will be no more with a community parkland developed as a by product by the end of the wet season.

Priority areas include O/P arm, N/Marm, L arm, fuel dock, passage around entrance and other selected areas.


Luke McCaul

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