Campaign to encourage Superyachts to Abell Point Marina

Reported by the Whitsunday Times

SUPERYACHTS, owned by the world’s rich and famous multi-billionaires, have the potential to bring in at least $50,000 a week to a region’s economy, yet Australia and the Whitsundays is not even on the industry’s radar.

Charmaine du Plessis, who is the charter manager for one of the world’s leading superyacht companies, Burgess, says the reasons for that are taxation rules and restrictions placed on yachts over 35 metres in length.

Last week, Ms du Plessis travelled to the Whitsundays from Miami, USA, to meet with Abell Point Marina owner Paul Darrouzet.

Mr Darrouzet is extremely keen to see a superyacht industry established in the Whitsundays and Ms du Plessis says she has clients who it would certainly suit.

Mr Darrouzet invited representatives from all three tiers of government along, to hear firsthand from Ms du Plessis about how the region was missing out.

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Luke McCaul


  1. Colin Abell Says: February 16, 2015 at 1:19 am

    It is with interest that I have followed the development of the new Abell Point Marina and it is hoped that when the Community Park is complete, many of our family could be there. There is a lot of family interest in the commemoration of the park and as they are scattered over much of Queensland and other states, it would be wonderful to have some advance notice for those to make travel and holiday arrangements. I currently live in Perth and want to launch a book, a sequel to the original Three Abell Men which tells the story of my ancestors first settlement in Jubilee Pocket, now Airlie Beach. I have been in touch through Michelle Lagana and the last projected time frame was April/May 2015. I fully understand the work entailed can be delayed so would it be possible to give me some indication of opening dates so that I then can pass it on to other family members? We so look forward to meeting you all and being there for this occasion. My phone # 08 64951122. Mobile 0451132401

    Kind regards
    Colin L Abell

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