Abell Point Yacht Club Events 2016

Abell Point Yacht Club Events 2016

Joining the Abell Point Yacht Club is the talk on the docks for local and visiting boaties wanting to enjoy their boat in the beautiful Whitsundays whilst making some great friends.

The Calendar of Events for 2016 includes a greater choice of on and off water activities featuring our iconic event such as the Warri Cup, Coral Coast Rally, White on Whitehaven dinner and regular monthly cruises to island destinations.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard and joining us at these events throughout the year.

First Member Night – 9th January 2016

One hundred and one members and guests came to the first members’ night at the Abell Point Marina’s new function centre – Lure – Abell Point Marina, which is also the new APYC Clubhouse. Obviously everyone was interested to get a look at this opulent venue and there was no doubt that most were impressed with the venue.

As members who attended the evening will now be aware, the venue will be known as “Lure” and promoted nationally and internationally, by the Marina, as a high end function centre for weddings and major events. However, the building proudly displays the APYC name on the roof and the Agreement with Abell Point Marina firmly establishes that the Abell Point Yacht Club has the right to use the venue as its Clubhouse.

There will be a number of scheduled events throughout the year in addition to the event calendar which will provide the opportunity for APYC members to relax in the new clubhouse overlooking the marina.

Interested in joining the growing club?

If you like the idea of joining this exciting new club to meet people and have the opportunity to be involved in some great events,  jump on the yacht club website and read all about our club. Upcoming events, membership information and regular updates can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming any new and interested members to our club this year in 2016.

Luke McCaul


  1. Rick Jennings Says: March 22, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    My wife and I have just moved to the Whitsundays and are interested in joining the Abel Point Yacht and Boat Club. We have been down to the club several times to have a look to find the club closed. My question is does the club open any day/days of the week and if so when or is it not opened yet?

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