Abell Point Transitions to Recovery

Abell Point Transitions to Recovery

As Abell Point Marina returns to full operations with Easter approaching, our team will now transition from crisis management into the role of recovery and restoration of the marina precinct.

Whilst there was damage to 15% of the on water infrastructure mainly in the North marina, we now have a comprehensive rectification schedule due for full completion by mid September.  This is great news for you as our customer as it means that your plans to visit the beautiful Whitsundays this winter based out of Abell Point Marina is a done deal.

A summary of recovery works on land and on water are summarised below.

On Water
The schedule of dates for rectification of on water pontoons is summarised below:

Demolition Works:                          19th April – 26th May
Piling Works:                                    31st May – 26th July
Install L Arm Gangway:                 25th May
Install H, J & K Arms:                    20th May – 6th June
Install F & G Arms (Parts 1 – 2):  7th June – 30th July
Install A Arm:                                   22nd July – 31st August
Install F & G Arms (Part 3 – T Head): 1st September – 12th September
Small Repair Works:                       10th April – 31st July
(North & South)

The demolition and development of new on water pontoons is being completed by the professional team at Superior Jetties.  Due to the dedication and commitment of John Hogan and the team at Superior, this efficient rectification schedule will allow for us to fully utilise our marina for the winter season.


Ocean Club
The development of the Ocean Club is still on track and the facility will be brought around for the final touches to its interior by the end of April.  With 12 ensuite bathrooms on the lower deck and a customer lounge on the upper deck, Ocean Club will provide an additional level of service to the already first class facilities in the marina.

On Land
The recovery up in the marina village will be complete within the next two months with minimal damage recorded across the site.  All tenancies are now up running and back in action providing the full range of marine services, restaurants, bar & café options.

In other news, we have purchased the restaurant in the south village formally known as Barcelona.  We closed the restaurant in March for a month to complete a major refurbishment, recruit a new service focused team and develop a new restaurant vision.  Moving forward Hemingway’s (after Ernest Hemingway) will be a huge asset to the marina facility, serving modern Australian cuisine in a stunning waterfront setting.  We hope you will join us for lunch or dinner and give us feedback on your experience.  The new restaurant will open on the 12th May.

Happy Easter
As we gear up for the Easter break, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Easter.  The weather across the country looks good, perfect to get out on the boat and enjoy the water, good company and a cold drink.  We look forward to seeing you all later this season and don’t forget our Cruising Season party scheduled for the first weekend of June.

Warm Whitsundays Regards
Luke McCaul
General Manager

Cherie Morel

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